Natentine Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 6th of April 2019
We hate reading through contracts just as much as you do, so we have made these terms and conditions easy to read without too much technical jargon. Unfortunately, this is the red tape that we have to follow, and we cannot simplify the terms and conditions any more than this.

The main purpose for this agreement is so that we can provide you a great, and secure, service. Your dedication to the website, and you reading our terms and conditions in the first place means a great deal to us. You are a valued user of the website and we hope that you continue to use our service.


“The website” refers to Natentine under which ever url it is operating from in the past, currently or in the future.
“Our, us, we, our/the service” refers to Natentine as a business entity and it’s activities.
“You, your” refers to you as a visitor, consumer, client, software or any other entity that visits our website.

Use of Natentine and content available from Natentine

All licenses are non-transferable.
You will NOT resell our music in isolation, use it where our music is the indended selling point of the content (like music videos) or include our music in any libraries, software or stores.
You do NOT own exclusive rights to use our music unless there is a private agreement between you and the music copyright holder directly for the exclusivity of our music.
You CANNOT claim ownership of our music or act as a copyright holder.
You will NOT try to hack, penetration test, abuse, cheat, trick, or misuse the systems on Natentine and the primary purpose they are meant to be used for. Should you find a bug, error or vulnerability, please report it at your convenience.

Your obligations as a visitor

When you download or purchase any of our content, you agree to these terms and are abiding by this document. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions then please cease accessing this website.

Ownership of the website

This website is owned solely http(s)://natentine.com/ (and http(s)://www.natentine.com/) as of March 2016, however this agreement remains valid even if the owner or URL of the website changes.

Other relevant policies

You should know that your privacy is very important to us. We have taken measures to protect your identity and safeguard any information you have volunteered for us. The details of this can be found in our privacy policy (http://natentine.com/privacy).
The various licences have different restrictions. When you download or purchase any of our media under any licence, you agree to the terms and conditions of the licence agreement. Just to re-iterate, you agree to the terms and you agree to the consequences of any breaches when you click the download or purchase buttons. The licence details and agreements can be found at http://natentine.com/licences.

Cookie policy

Cookies are being used on this website for tracking the shopping cart so that when you visit the website again, the shopping cart is already populated with the content you were considering from the previous visit. We do NOT sell this information to anyone else, nor do we log this information permanently. The cookies are set to expire within 2 months maximum. That being said, the cookies are a vital part of the website and help with the flow of the website on to the shopping cart. Natentine is not responsible for any mishaps you have because of you blocking our cookies.

Limitation of liability

By using our service for any purposes, you waiver us from any financial or other obligation we have that arises because of misconduct, miscommunication, or any other activity. Any damages, injuries, faults, or any other negative or positive consequence because of using any service of product from Natentine will NOT be faulted to Natentine. There will NOT be any reimbursements for any damages you sustained because of delays, miscommunication, service faults, payment clearance failures, licence issues or anything else.

Third party content and materials

Any material that is on Natentine, which does not belong to Natentine are the sole property of their respective owners. Natentine is not responsible for any damages incurred to third parties because of our service. If there are any copyright concerns, please contact us throught the contact page and we will endeavour to rectify the issue at our earliest convenience.

Consequences of breach of contract

Your licences can be negated by Natentine should we find you breaching our contract. We need reasonable proof before we negate your licences. Your licences will not be negated without us reasonably trying to contact you and discuss the issues. Once your licences are negated, you will be liable for persecution for any continued use of our media. Natentine reserves the right to persue you to the maximum allowable damages to the full extent of the law arising from any actions you take to defame, cheat, hack, or abuse Natentine or other licence holders.

Refund policy

Natentine will only award refunds under two very strict circumstances. These circumstances being:
  • There is a fault in the system where the track you purchase is not the one you have received in the portal. Mistakes can happen and this will be rectified by us. There are extensive logs and
  • You have accidentally purchased a wrong licence and have NOT downloaded any media from the purchase you are trying to refund. If you have already downloaded the content, then Natentine will not award you a refund.
Refunds under any other circumstances will more than likely NOT be awarded. That being said, Natentine reserves the right to discretion when awarding refunds, and will consider any adverse circumstances. Please note that the refund amount will never be more than the amount you paid minus the transaction fees.

Amendments to the terms and conditions

You agree that the internet is a dynamic creation, and as such, the terms and conditions will be amended, changed, upgraded and updated from time to time. You give us complete permission to rewrite, change, modify, or alter the terms and conditions and completely change our views on previous policies. You agree to check the terms and conditions on a regular basis and make sure that you are not breaching it at any stage. Each time you download or purchase a new media or licence, you will ensure that you are up to date with the newest copy of the terms and conditions. You agree to all future alterations to the terms and conditions for as long as you use the media.

That’s it!

Phew. Thank you for reading this document. Please enjoy our content and our service. We love seeing the work all of you produce with our content and we love the clients who use the service, media, and licences properly. Thank you all!

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• You do not own exclusive rights to use this track
• You cannot claim ownership of this track or act as a copyright holder.

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