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Maz Nimra
Image for Cave Troll
Royalty free 8-bit music that sounds like it came from an arcade game in the 70's.
Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 1 min 28 sec
Beats per minute: 118
Maz Nimra
Image for Stoner's Paradise
Very dreamy and positive royalty free music which sets a nice relaxing mood. Features heavily reverbed guitars and pads.
Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 2 min 03 sec
Beats per minute: 70
Maz Nimra
Image for Funny Vikings
A funny epic royalty free music track for cartoons or games. Features orchestral instruments and percussions.
Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 1 min 33 sec
Beats per minute: 120
Maz Nimra
Image for Upbeat
Fun energetic and upbeat royalty free music. Features ukulele, piano, guitars and percussions
Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 1 min 37 sec
Beats per minute: 156
Maz Nimra
Image for Level One
8 bit royalty free music with an 80's feel. Can be used as a town exploration tune in games.
Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 1 min 42 sec
Beats per minute: 122
Maz Nimra
Image for Arabian Battle
Royalty free 8 bit RPG Arabian style battle music.
Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 1 min 45 sec
Beats per minute: 200
Maz Nimra
Image for Samurai Man
Japanese inspired 8-bit royalty free music.
Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 2 min 04 sec
Beats per minute: 142
Image for Chillin In The Jungle Canopy
Chill royalty free music track with a tropical island jungle feel. Features electric guitar, piano, saxophone and flute.
Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 1 min 43 sec
Beats per minute: 76
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