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Maz Nimra
Image for Sorrowful Darkness
Melodic violins played to depict a heartbreaking scene. Features choir, piano, strings and horns.

Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 2 min 34 sec
Beats per minute: 112
Maz Nimra
Image for Cave Dwellers
Eerie and mysterious royalty free music. A theme for exploring abandoned dungeons and caves. Features eerie strings, spooky voices, bassoon and flute.

Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 2 min 31 sec
Beats per minute: 70
Maz Nimra
Image for Dark Mist
A dark ambient atmospheric royalty free music track with spooky effects and nightmarish sounds. Features swirling pads, piano and violin.

Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 3 min 19 sec
Beats per minute: 65
Image for A Passing Storm
A royalty free music track with dramatic horns and dark, ambient tones. Features tuba, trumpet, electric guitar and choirs.

Producer: Rimentus
Duration: 2 min 16 sec
Beats per minute: 130
Maz Nimra
Image for Spooky Bells
A spooky, bell-driven theme ideal for Halloween. Features synthesized bells, cello and bassoon.

Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 1 min 42 sec
Beats per minute: 106
Maz Nimra
Image for Psychotic Century
Synthesized beats with chugging guitars. Dancy yet dark. Features electric guitars, synths and vocal growls.

Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 2 min 11 sec
Beats per minute: 100
Image for Explosive Riffage
A royalty free metal track filled with guitar riffs. Features electric guitars, drums and bass.

Producer: Rimentus
Duration: 2 min 32 sec
Beats per minute: 175
Maz Nimra
Image for Cryogenic Mercenary
Hard royalty free rock music with a driving beat and retro synths. Features electric guitars and synths. Image by Victor Habbick, FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 1 min 40 sec
Beats per minute: 136
Maz Nimra
Image for Enchanted Woods
This royalty free music captures the sense of magic in an enchanted forest. With ethereal synths and harps. Features oboe, nylon guitar, ethereal soundscapes.

Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 2 min 00 sec
Beats per minute: 125
Maz Nimra
Image for Lonely Elephant
Sad and lonely royalty free music. Features piano, synth, cello and harp.

Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 2 min 30 sec
Beats per minute: 68
Maz Nimra
Image for Gloomy Night
Slow and melancholic royalty free music. Features piano, strings and choir.

Producer: Maz Nimra
Duration: 2 min 42 sec
Beats per minute: 60
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