Frequently asked questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions that we have received. Please have a look at them and see if your issue/question has already been answered here. If it has not been answered yet, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear about your project and how we could help you.

Why is your music free to download?

Many Independents have tight budgets to spend on their projects and it can be a hassle obtaining music to use legally. We believe that using music for free in return for a credit is a fair exchange.

How do I give credit for your music?

Use the following format:

"Producer’s name - Track title (http://natentine.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

Please replace 'Producer's name' with the actual name of the producer of the music and the 'Track title' with the actual title of the track.

A credit needs to be placed in a way that is clearly visible. Anyone who wants to know where the music came from should have no difficulty in finding it.

Will the 'natentine.com' message that plays throughout the audio be removed if I purchase a license?

Yes. If you purchase a license, the included high quality audio files will not have the 'natentine.com' message in them. The message will also not exist in the free standard quality versions of the tracks.

If I get over 500,000 subscribers do I have to purchase a licence for the music on my existing videos?

No, you only need to purchase a standard licence if you already have over 500,000 subscribers at the time of uploading the video.

Can I modify tracks myself to synchronize with my videos?


I make videos or other projects for several clients. Can I use your music for free if they give credit or will I need a licence for all of them?

Depends on the project. Read here for more details about licensing. If the projects require a licence then you need to buy a separate licence for each client or purchase a single Professional licence.

Will YouTube send me copyright notices if I use your music?

Sometimes YouTube’s automated ContentID system may falsely issue a copyright infringement notice or ‘matched third party’ claim. If this happens please do the following:

• Do not remove your video. Instead, dispute the claim. There should be an option to do so.
• When YouTube asks you to give a reason, check "I have a licence or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material"
• In the comments, put a link to where you obtained the music (http://natentine.com) and if you purchased a licence, write down your licence number.

If the claim is not appealed please contact us with details as it could possibly be the case of people stealing music and claiming it as their own.

Note: This only applies if you receive copyright claims on the music obtained from Natentine. If your project uses other material outside of Natentine and you received copyright claims on that, we can’t help you.

Is your music in the public domain?


Can I use your music in my audiobook?


Can I exclusively use a track if I negotiate a deal with you to purchase it?

Not for the tracks already uploaded here. You can request a custom track to be made for you if you require exclusive music.

Is Rimentus a real dragon?


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Music by Natentine (https://natentine.com)
Producer’s name - Track title

All the best!