Natentine Exclusive Music

If you're after exclusive custom-made music we're happy to make it for you.

Requirements and terms:

  • If you want us to synchronize the music with your project, please provide a video.
  • You are granted exclusive rights to use tracks we create for you as long as you do not breach our terms and conditions.
  • Please be as detailed as you can in your request.
  • We cannot add copyrighted material (vocals, audio samples) supplied by you to our tracks unless permission to use them is given by the copyright holder.
  • Final price is subject to negotiation and depends on the complexity of the task.
  • 30% of negotiated price must be paid upfront as a deposit.


  • Unlimited revisions. We’ll work with you until you get exactly what you need.


  • We charge $350 - $550 for every minute of completed music or a fixed negotiated price for an entire track/score. Additional charges may apply depending on the type of music requested.
  • Film scores are more complex than single tracks to produce and would therefore be more expensive. Tracks containing multiple instruments are also more expensive as opposed to tracks requiring only one or two instruments.

90 day money back guarantee:

  • You may relinquish your rights to use a track exclusively within 90 days after final payment for any reason and no questions asked. If you decide to do this, you will be refunded the total amount paid for the track (excluding the deposit fee) and no longer be able to use a track exclusively.
  • We reserve all rights to distribute or sell refunded music to the public.

Natentine Tracks

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