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Marwan Nimra
Image for Rock On Brudda
Hectic energetic rock track . Great for advertisements
Marwan Nimra
Image for Upbeat
Fun energetic and upbeat royalty free music. Features ukulele, piano, guitars and percussions
Marwan Nimra
Image for Summer Breeze
An uplifting and relaxing summer tune. Works well with scenic video footage.
Image for Holiday Resort
Chill background music to listen to on vacations or in videos revolving around this theme. Can also work as effective royalty free hold music. Features guitar, piano (view more)
Marwan Nimra
Image for Happy Friends
Energetic and upbeat royalty free music. Features piano, glockenspiel, vibraphones and guitar
Image for Top of The World
Energetic and driving. This track is sure to get you pumped up and feeling like you've accomplished something huge. Features electric guitar, choir, bright pads and (view more)
Marwan Nimra
Image for Puppet
A light hearted piano track
Marwan Nimra
Image for Spooky Bells
A spooky, bell-driven theme ideal for Halloween. Features synthesized bells, cello and bassoon.
Marwan Nimra
Image for Happy Jingles
A fun track with a festive feel to it, ideal to use as royalty free christmas music. Features vocal choirs, jingle percussions, synth, glockenspiel and piano.

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All the music on this site is created by us from start to finish. We do not source non copyrighted music from unknown producers so you'll never have to worry about copyright infringement takedowns or claims as long as you follow our very straightforward terms.

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Our music licensing covers Indie's all the way up to professional businesses. We offer media licenses for synchronization with video, game or website content and beat licenses if you're looking to add your own vocals to create a song. You can also subscribe and get access to our entire music library!

Custom-made content

If spending time finding the right track online is not for you, why not hire someone to make customized music instead? Just contact us for a quote and we'll be more than happy to create customized music exclusively for you. Read more details here.

Frequently asked questions

All enquiries are responded to within 48 hours. However, if you have a question and want to see an answer immediately, then check out the FAQ before sending in your question.

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